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[All greets are in person because he can't read/write. Webcam is optional though if needed.]

Your name is GAMZEE MAKARA. You are FINALLY FOUR SWEEPS OLD, about eight human years old. Don't you feel like a big troll now! Being so young and having never been to school or taught anything, you are still very IGNORANT and INNOCENT, even if you do get laid more than the mun. You live with your DADDY and PAPA but you still like going out to make new friends!


aye tho, my hair is orange finally and i got a tail


"Kawaii as F*ck" Printed Panties



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YeLl At BrO. >8o?

i DiDn’T kNoW iT wAs MoThErFuCkIn BaD.

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U hHhHhH-

bRo TaUgHt Me!

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dAd’S gOt BiG hAnDs To HeLp AlL uP aNd HoLd ThIs DiCk.

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My BuLgE sHaKeS tHe MoThErFuCkIn TaBlE wHeN iT dRoPs.

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headcanon that gam learns his taunts and shit from dys

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